3 Tips For True Life Fulfillment

Published: 17th April 2012
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There are tons of articles teaching people how to achieve life fulfilment. Most of them speak about goals, about living in the present, or by letting go of past mistakes.

But this one is a list of the seemingly trivial things that make life truly fun to live. They are based on experience, not on theory. On feelings, not research. These simple things are things that really give one peace of mind.

Make peace with the people you offended, and reach out to those who offended you. Having an enemy is like having a thorn in your throat - the harder you try to get it out, the deeper it gets embedded. Enemies are present in your life because at one time or another, you may have said, done or acquired something which is not to the liking of someone else. Sometimes, you are unaware of it, or you just hear (or read about it on Facebook) that someone dislikes you, and decides to launch a barrage of hurtful things your way- maybe in an effort to dislodge you from your comfortable stance.

Most often, enemies are the result of having stood up for something you believed in, living your life too comfortably, too happily, too contentedly. Let's face it, not all people are happy for all the good things that happen in your life. Most feel bad, because that when comparing their lives to yours, theirs lag far behind. Rather than seek their own happiness, they enjoy putting people down, hoping that everyone around them will be equally miserable. Negative projection - and you had to be the target.

But the best way to fight this situation is to reach out and try to make peace. Oh it certainly won't be easy. You may get hurt emotionally in the process because you will put yourself in a vulnerable position. Scary? Definitely. But as with all problems, none really go away on their own - you need to seek a solution. Ask him/her what made him so mad. You'll be surprised, sometimes they won't even remember what their reasons are. But whatever they are, they do help you feel better generally. If you were not forgiven, then at least you tried to make amends. If you patched things up, you will notice how unexplainably happy you will be.

Donate to charity. If there's something that really feels good, then it must be giving until it hurts. It's easy to give when you have a lot. But to give when you have so little - that's real charity. Charity is generosity, not only of the wallet but of the spirit. And whenever you know it's right, and it feels good, you know it helps you feel fulfilled. It's exactly the type of thing that not only gives you, as the giver, fulfilment - but it also puts others in the path of their own life fulfilment as well. Charity is not just about money or material things, it may be love, attention and knowledge. Help someone out - you'll feel really giddy inside.

Love. There are so many downtrodden people in the world who have suddenly found meaning and joy to life when they finally found love. People are never meant to be alone. We were purposely brought on earth to spread that heart-tickling feeling called love. When we are in love, we see sunshine instead of darkness. Many find new meaning in life, and are encouraged to be better people. It does not matter who you love - it can be a relative, a love partner, a pet, a friend or neighbour. All these help give your life new purpose and direction, and that's something really, really good.

These three things may not really be in the more basic components to life fulfilment, but truly, they do help all of us feel much better, and help make the world a better place to be in.


Michael Griffiths is the CEO and Founder of Secrets Of A Super Life, providing individuals with personal development strategies to increase their purpose, passion, happiness and life fulfilment. For your free life success pack please visit http://www.mysuperlifetoday.com

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