3 Ways To Create Success In Your Life

Published: 14th March 2012
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Perhaps everyone's ultimate dream is to be successful - not only in business, or in relationships, but generally, in every aspect of your entire life. To live a life well lived is wonderful.

One of the most frustrating things to hear others say is "I'm just going with the flow. I deal with what life throws at me. I just make do with what I have." As long as we are alive, we can make something of ourselves. We can work to improve our life situation, and choose the destiny we ultimately get. Losing hope is not an option for the successful, but being successful takes time, effort and persistence. Here are three things that can help create a fulfilling and successful life…

SET GOALS. Take some time off and review your life from a different perspective - what are your life goals? What do you hope to accomplish? And how do you plan to accomplish your goals? A goal is necessary - it's a must. The first step to creating success is to set an ultimate goal. Without a goal, there is nothing to work towards, there is nothing to look forward to, and there will be no change in your current situation. A goal is your destination - without one, efforts are pointless. ACCOMPLISHED GOAL = LIFE SUCCESS.

But it is not enough that you merely set your goal - you must think of a plan on how you intend to slowly reach it. Create a life plan. Rather than think of the prize at the end, segregate your journey into smaller segments, and accomplish each segment. You will be surprised at the amount of progress you make. Focus and concentrate on one chief aim. Eliminate all the distractions from your life.

Another good thing to remember is, a goal remains a goal unless you take action. What good is a dream if all you do is imagine having what you want? Get up from where you are and work! And when you work, work with inspiration, determination and happiness. Too many people lose sight of their objectives simply because they think of the journey towards a goal as extremely difficult and frustrating. It's your dream, your life, look at every step as a way towards success. Sometimes, you will be surprised to find that you have already reached your destination without even realizing it.

BE PERSISTENT. Another pitfall in life is one's inability to be persistent with one's enthusiasm, determination and inspiration. The moment one is faced with difficulty, problems or personal dilemma, they tend to give up on their search for success.

Reality check: no journey towards success is ever easy - if it is, then everyone in the world would be successful. The real challenge is how to overcome the hurdles - because these hurdles teach us valuable life lessons. That's another tip there - learn to see every challenge and failure as ways to learn valuable lessons. Failure was not put in our lives to make us miserable - they are the by-products of our own mistakes and our inability to do things correctly. The essence of life is in discovering all these life lessons, so don't give up when faced with failure or defeat. Remember, a goal half-done is NOT DONE. A goal "almost done" is also unaccomplished. Don't give up in the middle of something - persistence is key in creating success in your life.

ALWAYS MAINTAIN A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Most successful people will tell you this - in order to be successful, you must constantly believe that you can successfully do everything. Sometimes, it's not even a matter of intelligence or skill level - it's really a matter of attitude. How many times have we heard of high school drop-outs who made it really big in life? There are thousands of college graduates (with honors, even!) who are not successful in life. It is not one's education which is the gauge of one's success - it's one's positive outlook which is more important. No matter how seemingly hopeless the situation becomes, a person's positivity will help keep his head above ground.

So how does one become so positive? First, surround yourself with positive influences. Don't associate with naysayers. People who tell you that you are not capable are most probably unsuccessful in their own pursuit of their own goals. Remember this - when you are up, there will always be people who will try to pull you down - to their own level. Misery loves company. And when you are up, there will be people who won't be happy for your success. It's the evil side of people. Positive successful people remind them of their own inability to do things, and their failure in life.

Next, constantly see the beauty behind every difficult thing you are faced with. Those who are negative see difficulties are roadblocks that must be left alone- not pushed aside. Third, think of the prize at the end of the journey. To remain positive, you must set your sights on the ultimate goal, not on the difficulties you will encounter along the way.
Success is not too hard to get - it just takes the proper perspective, the right attitude, and the ability to conquer challenges. Check out how you fare in this list, and start going on your journey towards success.


Michael Griffiths is the CEO and Founder of Secrets Of A Super Life, providing individuals with personal development strategies to increase their purpose, passion, happiness and life fulfilment. For your free life success pack please visit http://www.mysuperlifetoday.com

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