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Published: 21st December 2012
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With the advent of mobile technology, it wouldn't really be wise to forgo of its obvious advantages to any business -or website.

Imagine all the idle time people spend waiting for things to happen - while sitting in a bus for half an hour to get from one part of town to another, while waiting for your order to arrive in a luxe restaurant, or as you wait for the results of your lab test at the hospital. Imagine if you can make full use of all the "extra" time of your potential clients? Wouldn't it be wonderful if they could just whip out their mobile phones or internet tablets, and surf your website, and fill their carts with you great items? Think of these idle minutes as your very own virtual business meeting - where you have them right in front of you - your captive audience - listening to what you have to say…convincing them to buy more of your products and services. Wow.

The benefits of mobile technology are a-plenty, and the wise way every internet business person should go is to be mobile. Here are a few more advantages into making your website mobile-ready.

Get customers via mobile search. Not as many people are willing to sit in front of their laptops for hours searching for the perfect items to purchase over the internet. But almost everyone carries mobile phone - and this is the main reason why you must go mobile. With a few swipes and clicks, your potential client may find your website - and he may very well turn out to be your best customer ever. Invest in upping your visibility in the search engines, and increase your ranking. Remember, very few consumers will go through all the trouble of leafing through page 2 of a web search. The higher your ranking, the better your chances of getting new customers. Go and avail of the services of an SEO specialist - it will be worth every cent.

Get higher engagement. You want to always be ready should any potential client have inquiries. In the same manner that clients search for your services through mobile internet, you too must be connected mobile-wise. Have your handy smartphone with you all the time, so as to cut waiting time, and eliminate dis interest due to delayed responses to inquiries. If you will be out of the office, check out your website every few minutes to see if there are issues that need to be addressed. Remember, with all the competition, don't be the hard-headed business owner who insists on doing it the old-school way of landline-based calls, walk-in transactions, or even desktop surfing. Being mobile-friendly also greatly helps when clients need to get hold of your contact numbers or address. Having your mobile number listed on your website also allows you the added benefit of answering phoned inquiries or purchases even when you're away from the office.

Improve and heighten visibility. Let's face it - when you see an online ad, and you see it on your tablet or mobile phone, you can't help but be impressed - even from a buyer's point of view. Why, because it gives the impression that the business owner is modern and cutting-edge, making sure that all bases are covered, taking time and money to invest in modern mobile technology. The consumer's choices are greatly influenced by the type of media you use for your campaigns. With the yuppies being the ones with the most disposable income, you need to impress this particular market. Don't be a dinosaur when everyone else has gone mobile. Learn to be more competitive, because this spells all the difference between a sale and the failure to reach your audience.

Need more convincing about the impact of mobile technology? Whip out that smartphone and go search the web. The first 3 ads you see online - mobile will most probably be the ones who will tickle your instinct to purchase.


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