Taking Responsibility For Your Own Life Success

Published: 06th June 2012
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If you want to be successful, you must learn to take responsibility for your own life. Stop relying on others, stop blaming the world, and stop waiting for things to happen - the sooner you realize that you alone are to blame for every misstep you made in life, the sooner you will be able to pick up the pieces and set out on your journey once again.

Things happen - sometimes results are hard to accept, but remember that your destiny is an accumulation of all your prior decisions and responses to situations - so own both the good and bad that come with it.

Hey, it was YOU who bought it, married it, did it, believed it, chose it, or did nothing - so why blame others? Stop complaining and accept - after doing so, let your mistakes guide you into the outcomes you desire. If you are able to learn from your mistakes and move on, then you know you are capable of changing your life situation into pure success.

To take responsibility for your life, you have to keep in mind a few things. These will help you be the best you can be.

Be mindful of what you're saying, doing and thinking. Your words and actions, when not well thought off, can lead you astray. The best way to make changes for the better is to always be conscious of how you speak, act and think - because your thoughts translate into actions. Make the choice of always being the best - because this is what others see from you.

Be healthy. Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Stop choosing to engage in non-healthy vices like drugs, alcohol, smoking and irresponsible sex. All these have an effect on how you will be perceived by others, as well as the state of your mental condition. A healthy body is your tool towards success. All your great ideas will be nothing if your body will quit on you because of an irresponsible lifestyle.

Be happy. When you smile despite all the trials, you somehow attract positivity into your life. When all else fails - smile. We are not saying you must deny yourself to rightful expression, but what good will sulking do you? Honestly, sulking and feeling sorry sweeps all chances of joy away from you, thus prolonging your agony, and discouraging happiness from re-entering your life. Choose to respond to trials well, instead of jumping off that cliff.

Enhance knowledge and learning. You must take it upon yourself to get as much information as you can. Life is a constant search for information that will help you in every aspect of your life. The more you learn, the more you will be able to creatively use in your life.

Cultivate positive relationships, and get rid of the damaging ones. No matter how much you try to resolve to make your life better, if you choose to stick it out with bad influences, or even people who will suck all the life out of you, you may never get off your starting point. Be with the people who will teach you, inspire you to be your best, and help you see all the good things about yourself. Don't befriend the insincere ones, though, who will only be your friend and tell you all the good things you want to hear even if they are not so truthful. Some people will not be as pleasant as you want them to be, but if they give you constructive criticism, then they will be a big help in your life. Better to be slapped with the truth than to be kissed with a lie.

Strive for a balanced life. You cannot spend 95% of your time working and only 5% of it with your family, then try to justify things by saying that you are working to give them a better life. What good is an abundant life, when the people you say you care about are so grossly ignored at some other aspects - like love and attention? A good life must be a balance of work, family, friends and personal time. Be a joy to the people around you by being some significant part of their lives.

Have a life purpose and goal. Having a life purpose is life giving direction into your life. You have something to strive for, something to work at. Not having a goal is like living a day-to-day meaningless existence. You just live each day and see what happens. Yikes. Now how can that be good for anyone? Be the best person you can possibly be by doing something meaningful, and striving to be someone worth emulating.

Give back. Remember the concept of "paying forward?" This means you give someone else the same amount of good that was given to you. When you do others good, you will feel an extraordinary sense of achievement and life purpose. This is much like giving without expecting anything in return - which is inexplicably fulfilling. Be someone's answer to their prayer. Leave a legacy that can be admired and looked back on with much pride.


Michael Griffiths is the CEO and Founder of Secrets Of A Super Life, providing individuals with personal development strategies to increase their purpose, passion, happiness and life fulfilment. For your free life success pack please visit http://www.mysuperlifetoday.com

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