The Importance Of Building Relationships With Others

Published: 17th January 2012
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People were created as social beings. We are not meant to spend all our lives on earth alone. No matter how much some people deny it, people have and maintain a variety of relationships with their fellow beings. These relationships help them deal with life and its numerous problems. They also help make successes more meaningful and appreciated. If you achieve success and have no one to share it with, then what good will that do for your soul? Nothing. Emptiness. Longing. Forever wanting.

Relationships may be of various types but not all types apply to all individuals. The key to acquiring true happiness and success is by establishing and cultivating each kind that is present in your life.

Love for your own self. How can you maintain a relationship with anyone if you yourself don't have one with your own self? Learn to love "you" for who you are. Accept your strengths and weaknesses - and learn to live with them. You must realize that no one will want to maintain a relationship with someone who dislikes himself. Do you want to be a nurturing, caring friend, or a judgmental and hostile friend to your own self? Learn to acquire that inner peace, and then move on to your relationship with others.

Friendships. Friendships keep you balanced. They bring you joy and contentment that no other type of relationship can probably offer. They provide support systems and personalized feedback. Through friends, you are able to have "check-and-balance." They tell you if you're being great as a person, they provide companionship, and that comforting feeling of being wanted and appreciated. Studies have proven that even ill people with numerous friends heal faster than those who don't have any. But friendships do not have to be with people. Sometimes, they can be with pets - pets who will not judge them, but do provide what seems to be a listening ear.

Business and professional relationships. It is almost impossible to survive in business or in a company if you do not have and maintain professional relationships with your peers and colleagues. They do not have to be your friends - they just have to have the basic respect and courtesy for you in order for you to earn their trust. Nowadays, success in business is directly correlated to how well-established a business relationship is. You will never entrust your money to a total stranger with whom you absolutely no relationship with. But, to establish a business relationship, you first earn a client's trust.

Romantic relationships. This is a type of relationship that is a culmination of all the basic types of relationships. First, in order to love someone, you must first love yourself. Next, a romantic partner must be a friend to you, too - not just a lover. He/she must be willing to keep you in check, accept you for who you are, and lend an ear. Lastly, trust is the underlying bond to every romantic relationship. You must be able to leave each other's side and be confident that your partner will still be there when you return. Sadly, though, not all people are blessed with a romantic relationship. It is a combination of choice, circumstances, luck and desires.

Of course, with all of these relationships, not everything will be smooth and perfect. Along with the fulfilment of having these relationships are a few (or a lot) of trials. These trials make each type of relationship stronger. To make any relationship stronger there must be 3 things: communication, respect, and a common interest or goal. Without these three, it would be useless and pointless to have a relationship at all.


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