The Self Belief You Need For Life

Published: 01st February 2012
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Self-belief, or the confidence in your own abilities and judgment is essential to every person. Even if we are given many talents, if we lack confidence in our abilities, all these talents become useless.

Imagine trying to come in for a job interview, completely devoid of any belief in your abilities. Do you think you will be hired? Or even in school - you know the answer to a question, but doubts enter your mind, and feelings of insecurity engulf you…it is doubtful that you'll muster up the courage to raise your hand to state your answer.

In life, every little thing we do lies in our ability to believe that we will succeed. But realistically, all of us go through a period of self-doubt - when we think we do not deserve to be happy…when we think other people are better than us… and when we feel scared to fail. But there are a few tips to help develop self-belief.

YOU CAN LEARN TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. If you think you cannot do something, assess your personal capabilities. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that you are far more talented than most people. You are more intelligent and street-wise. You have a better grasp of reality, since you're not perched too high up on a pedestal. You can change your belief in yourself - improve or tweak it, learn the good, and unlearn the bad. As you go through life, you set out into the journey of self-discovery.

STOP LISTENING TO THAT EVIL TWIN. Now that you're old enough, you know that you have the ability to tune out that negative voice whispering into your ear that "you're no good." Your ultimate downfall is your disbelief in your abilities. No person plunging into murky waters will ever survive if he/she does not learn to fight off his insecurities.

TURN YOUR WEAKNESSES INTO STRENGTHS. Remember this, because it will guide you into reality - No person is perfect. Everyone has weaknesses. But also keep in mind that no person is completely devoid of strengths. Knowing what your weaknesses are is the first step. Next, focus on the improvement of these weaknesses such that they are converted into strengths - this is the true gauge of a human's ability to turn adversities into success. This part of being human.

DEVELOP YOUR STRENGTHS EVEN MORE. Make a list, and believe that you can develop them so that no one else is as good as you are. A lot of people are not really very talented, but they have tons of self-confidence, thus tricking others into thinking that they are able to do better than anyone else. Do the same.

IF YOU'RE TOO EMBARASSED TO SEEK ONE, THEN BE YOUR OWN MOTIVATIONAL COACH. Every time you feel doubts forming in your head, jolt your own self into reality. There's something really great about being your own "coach" - no other being will discover that you have doubts. Why must the world know about your insecurities? Let others believe that you ooze with self confidence!

DEVELOP A BRAND NEW CONCEPT OF "YOU." This is the "you" minus all the initial doubts, weaknesses and insecurities. Create the new you - an uber-confident, self-sufficient and successful individual. You will find that this final step is your ultimate step to the top.


Michael Griffiths is the CEO and Founder of Secrets Of A Super Life, providing individuals with personal development strategies to increase their purpose, passion, happiness and life fulfilment. For your free life success pack please visit

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